What The Critics Are Saying

Though Rubik’s Cubes are no longer a national obsession, those colorful puzzles may keep coming to mind as you’re reading Sharon Dilworth’s second short-story collection, ‘’Women Drinking Benedictine.’’ Her fiction is just as intricate: whenever one person moves, another is dislodged, and the pattern of the narrative grows more elaborate with each turn. But while someone struggling with a Rubik’s Cube tries to twist everything back into alignment, Dilworth delights in doing the opposite. Characters initially arranged along familiar axes — husband and wife, mother and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend — soon find themselves on unfamiliar ground.
— Liam Callanan, New York Times
Sharon Dilworth’s writing is animated and sympathetic, wry and aware. Her characters are vivid and unpredictable.
— Robert Stone on "The Long White"
Year of the Ginkgo confirms that Sharon Dilworth is a remarkably talented writer. She has a keen eye for detail, an effortless, understated style, and an instinct for revealing these uncomfortable dark truths simmering away below polite suburban surfaces.
— Rodge Glass, Somerset Maugham Award Winner, 2009